“I will make sure the voice and feelings of District 123 are heard at the Capitol."
Education in Missouri

As an educator, I have seen first hand how an ineffective bureaucracy can negatively impact our schools and students. Education is an issue that affects each and every Missourian; we must have a budget that always allows our K through 12 schools to be fully funded to ensure students can reach their ultimate potential. Parents and School Districts must work together as a team to ensure student success. I believe that with the proper funding and parental involvement our students will be able to become responsible and contributing members of society by either joining the workforce or continuing their education. 


A balanced budget is a must for Missouri. We must have a balanced and common sense budget to cut down on wasteful spending. We must ensure that the distribution of funds within the state is the most proficient it can be. Working hard to make sure our tax dollars are used to improve our own districts infrastructure is another important issue to me. Our district’s revenue should not be going to infrastructure projects in the larger cities in the state. I will also work tirelessly within the house to decrease spending overall so we can keep more of the paychecks we work so hard to earn



In any relationship from work to family, communication is the key to success. With clear and open communication, the views and feelings of the district will be represented to the fullest. This is why I want to be an interactive representative with different avenues in which people can voice their views and concerns within the district. I want to meet with community and business leaders to strive to bring more jobs to the district and improve the overall quality of life here for everyone. Social Media will be one of the ways I believe the district will be able to stay up to date and help in having an open line of communication with me.

Business and Agricultural Rights

Making sure that our businesses and farmers here in the 123rd District and Missouri overall are not overburdened by senseless governmental regulations is what I believe to be a key factor in having a productive and profitable future for Missouri. As a state we must make sure we allow farms and businesses of all sizes the ability to proficiently provide the goods and services we as a state need to have for success. We must promote business and agriculture here in the district and within the state to ensure economic stability.

Family Matters

One of my goals will be to ensure that our family Rights are not infringed upon. We, as Missourians, must have the freedom to raise our families in a safe and enriching environment. As an educator, I have unique insight on just how often government bureaucracy has failed children and allowed physical, sexual and mental abuse to occur without real consequences or actions. These issues must be dealt with and must be addressed. We must have stricter and more stringent laws when it comes to keeping our families safe. Family values are just one of the great aspects of District 123 and I will fight to make sure we are able to keep them.

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District 123 can count on me!


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