• Family Man
  • Teacher
  • Hard Worker

As a native of Missouri, Thom Wyatt knows and understands the issues that we as Missourians face. He will fight to uphold the Constitution and ensure your 2nd Amendment rights, along with all of your constitutional rights are not infringed upon. 


Thom is a family man and generational farmer who understands the utmost importance of families and economic development within Missouri and especially within this district. His wife Lindsey is an educator and coach in the Camdenton School District. They have two children; Eloise and Eban. Thom and his family love to be out and about enjoying everything the area has to offer. Some of Thom's hobbies include hunting, target shooting and fishing as a family.


He has strived to help people achieve their goals in life through education and employment opportunities. Thom has aided in the employment of countless Missourians as a member of the Central Region Workforce Investment Board team and at Missouri Job Centers throughout the central region. In the field of education, he is a teacher striving to inspire future generations and aid them in achieving their goals. Through this, Thom has worked to help younger generations gain a better understanding of how important our Constitution is, along with our history as Americans. Thom is a member of the School Safety Committee in which they work to ensure school and student safety.


Thom has taught not only in the classroom, but also as a coach on the field. Through this, Thom worked to instill the values of leadership and teamwork in all players.


Thom Wyatt fully understands the importance of our businesses and tourism within the district and will work hard to ensure our district sees continual prosperity. He will work hard, fighting tax increases for not only the businesses within the district, but for all residents as well. Thom Wyatt is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-education, and is the right choice for your vote to represent the 123rd District of Missouri.

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District 123 can count on me!